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The German “The Breathtaker” is “Zahn um Zahn” which means “Tooth for Tooth.”

The Dutch “Darkness Peering” is “Onder de Huid” which means “Under the Skin.”

The French “The Breathtaker” is “Le Tueur des Tornades” which means “The Killer of Tornadoes.”

The German “Darkness Peering” is “Der Tod in Deinem Blut” which means “The Death in Your Blood.”

The Italian “The Breathtaker” is “Respiro” which means “Breath.”

The Italian “Darkness Peering” is “Tenebre” which means “Darkness.”

Another German “The Breathtaker” is “Sturmfieber” which means “Storm Fever.”

The Polish “A Breath after Drowning” is “Głód Zabijania” which means “The Hunger For Killing.”

The Spanish “A Breath after Drowning” is “El Aliento de los ahogados” which means “Breath of the Drowned”

The Italian “A Breath after Drowning” is “Un Respiro Nell’Acqua” which means “A Breath In Water.”